Whacky Waffles has opened up in Lee Road Kolkata

Waffles…..wow!ffles……Finally a one stop destination for waffles in Kolkata.

We dropped in on a Saturday afternoon . Its the latest addition to this once quaint neighborhood turned entertainment hub of Elgin Road and adjoining areas .

One of our fondest memories of Waffles was on that sinful night in Athens when at 2 AM we walked into Stavrose point, a waffle joint after almost all of us were in inebriated state and had waffles for the next 1 hour . At that time, we had hoped when would a place like this open up in our favorite city. Unlike other metro cities in India, Kolkata did not have a dedicated waffles joint although it was available in some cafes as a part of their menu.

Dessert Kiosk Whacky Waffles the firsy dedicated waffles store in Kolkata

The first dedicated waffles store in Kolkata

Here it was, our wish from Athens granted on a platter. Whacky Waffles, as the name suggests has a whackiest variety of 20 waffles. From sweet and savouries, it gives a person a wide selection of their favorite flavour. When we reached Whacky Waffles, it was crowded by several bloggers and photographers. It was a hot summer afternoon, with the mercury rising and the temperature not giving us any respite. And there we were, a bunch of blogger friends and photographers, all ready with their cameras for the next waffle to come out of the kitchen. It was almost like the new summer collection, where every photographer was trying to take a shot of the best angle, analyse the texture, colour, background and anticipate the taste. We were salivating.

Waffle making in process at Dessert Kiosk Whacky Waffles in Kolkata

Waffle making in process

The waffles not to be missed are definitely the Belgian Alaska, a classic waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, icing sugar and maple syrup; the Nutella monkey, another classic waffle with bananas, nutella and whipped cream; naughty nougatine, waffle topped with praline, vanilla ice cream and oodles of caramel sauce. For those who are berry lovers, there is a selection of waffles from Berry Merry, which is a waffle with strawberry filling, icing sugar and whipped cream, to Blue Storm, which is a waffle with blue berry syrup and whipped cream and many more. And when we had enough of the sweet waffles, the Salsa on the couch managed to tantalize our taste buds. It was a waffle topped with herbed potatoes and a tangy salsa sauce.

Nutella Monkey waffle at Dessert Kiosk Whacky Waffles in Kolkata

Nutella Monkey

Tropical Delight at Dessert Kiosk Whacky Waffles in Kolkata

Tropical Delight

Awesome Threesome waffle at Dessert Kiosk Whacky Waffles in Kolkata

Awesome Threesome

Blue Storm at Dessert Kiosk Whacky Waffles in Kolkata

Blue Storm

Waffles on stick at Dessert Kiosk Whacky Waffles in Kolkata

Waffles on stick at Whacky Waffles

This joint has been started by Navleen Sawhney and Kashifa Asif, two very young and enterprising women who are also best buddies. The girls started with a waffle kiosk during the Park Street Christmas Carnival 2014. It was a huge hit and that made the pathway for the opening of Whacky Waffles on Lee road, beside Brand Factory Mall (Near Forum rear gate).

Coolers and shakes at Dessert Kiosk Whacky Waffles in Kolkata

Coolers and shakes at Whacky Waffles

We immediately missed our very dear friends who live in that locality and who usually go out on a post dinner dessert walk. This place is open from 12 noon to midnight. So for all those dessert lovers who love to go out for a prowl post dinner, this is an ideal place. We definitely would not give a miss the next time we come back from a movie night show and have a pit stop at Whacky Waffles.

We attended this on behalf of Kolkata Food Bloggers and it was fun seeing the faces behind the names of bloggers Pritha Chakraborty and Sammya brata .