Yes, I am a COVID-19 Survivor. For a few moments there, I thought it would be a knockout but I managed to raise my hand and lift myself before the referee could count to three. I’m doing better now and though I have had some brushes with health, this one was the scariest because it affected my wife and kids as well.

It has not been easy, my road to recovery. While medicines, doctors and oxygen helped me to tide over my infection and come home, a lot extra can be done to recover from COVID-19 in India. A few things that definitely helped me was paying attention to what my doctor said, listening to my wife and kids (ha! I do that sometimes, of course) and nutritious food to help me regain my strength.

Esnsure and recovery from Covid - 1

For me, it was a rebirth. Each life skill needed to be re-learnt, starting from breathing exercises and lung exercises. Medicines on time, proper allocated rest time, nutritious food and no mention of work. I even started doing meditation and Yoga after a week of coming back home.

The meal plan was drawn, stuck up on the refrigerator and followed to the ‘tee.’ Protein rich, balanced diet and multiple small eats. As web series replaced the laptop for afternoons, Ensure replaced the coffee. Most often we overlook the importance of balanced nutrition of macro and micro nutrients, which is even more important after a person crosses 40. The balanced macronutrients in Ensure® are instrumental in supporting optimum utilization of protein within the body which helps maintain muscle mass. Also, Ensure® has Vitamins A, C, E, Folic Acid, Iron, Zinc, Selenium and Manganese which help boost your immunity.[1]

One of the main after effects of COVID-19 for me has been weight loss and muscle mass loss, which incidentally is a common symptom after 40. As I slowly start my second innings, which will be a resurrection, gaining the energy back, getting back to working out, Ensure has been my core support contingent to #EnsureStrongerInsideOut. For me it has always been a drink recommended by qualified experts and it’s an old kitchen friend who is supporting me on this journey of recovery.

As I sip on my Ensure and end this, I can’t say how grateful I am for everything around me. Never, ever I am going to take anything granted in my life.  


P.S. – This is a sponsored post but the opinion is personal which has been formed after years of association with the aforementioned brand.