No, I don’t think so. A pizza is completely different from KFC Chilli Chizza. Will it remind you of Pizza? Yes

This latest offering from KFC– the KFC Chilli Chizza is loaded with spicy jalapenos, red and green bell peppers, fresh crunchy onions. Not to forget the molten sinful sticky cheese which are the characteristics of almost all pizzas. The best, yet the most messy part of a pizza is the cheese, especially when it comes to sharing a pizza that causes inconvenience. In my corporate life, Pizza has been a party and a saviour many a times while I had been travelling for official visits or campus selection and every time, when it came to separating slices of Pizza, it used to be tricky for the cheese not agreeing to segregate.

This is crispy, and an ideal meal for the chicken lovers and the cheese suitor.  We tried it out at the KFC store in Acropolis Mall and for a change, I didn’t order chicken popcorn, medium size. I don’t remember visiting any KFC outlet without the mandatory chicken popcorns dose getting fixed. Discussion with the store manager revealed that surprisingly chicken popcorns is not one of the best selling items in Top 3 or Top 5. It oscillates between chicken hot and cheese crispy, chicken zinger burger (another personal favourite of mine when the mood is low) and hot wings.

KFC Chilli Chizza

No visit to KFC is complete without the chicken popcorns


KFC Chilli Chizza

Chicken popcorns and my love story

We went for the store tour with the Manager and it was like exploring layers of a well managed operation with precision. The cash counter in the front of the store is the front ending but they can function well only when the Product manager manages the show and the supply better at the supply base. Supply base is the place where the counters get  refilled and they have a projection on day and hourly basis which helps them to plan the production. Behind the supply base is the kitchen with automated fryers, where every batch of the popcorns or the chicken for the burger is fried at the same temperature. Supply of raw ingredient forms a key part in an operation like this and there are apparently only 6 suppliers across the country who can supply chicken to KFC.

KFC Chilli Chizza 2

KFC Chilli Chizza 5

KFC Chilli Chizza 4

The cash counter

KFC Chilli Chizza 3

The eternal debate will always continue that KFC is junk or not. Going by the determining criteria, wouldn’t most of the street food or for that matter, restaurant food in India may be considered as junk? The question may be raised over the quality of the ingredients (which ideally shouldn’t be basis the hygiene standards and multiple audits in place) but lets accept the fact that the hygiene part is never compromised while the food is being prepared. I will still continue ordering the chicken popcorns and for this season, KFC Chilli Chizza seems like a great idea too.

KFC Chilli Chizza 1