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Sweet potato dumplings are stuffed with coconut and jaggery filling and then dunked in thickened milk. The milk is sweetened with season's khejur (date palm) gur or jaggery.

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This pitha is a version of chitoi pitha but savoury and is a recipe which my grandmother has been making since my childhood. It is a basic rice flour dumpling with seasonal vegetables.

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Traditional sweet potato dumplings stuffed with coconut andmade only during winters because of the use of nolen gur or date palm syrup.This dessert is first fried and then dunked in the syrup and can be had warm orchilled.

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A traditional Bengali sweet, much like crepes. These are thin crepes made of flour, semolina and rice flour and stuffed with coconut and jaggery

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Rosh Bhora

Urad dal and fennel dumplings fried and dunked in warm nolen gur syrup. Just enjoy the goodness of rustic flavours coming together.