One grew up in exotic locations like the Andamans and Goa while the other hails from a suburb town called Chandannagore .  One  loves Linkin park and metal bands while the other  grew up with Rabindrasangeet and later took on the Sarod. One took up Marketing in MBA  while the other had Human Resources as specialization. One is a Bangal (with roots in Bangladesh) and the other one is irrepressibly Ghoti (people whose ancestors are from West Bengal).

They meet at a crucial juncture of life . They fall in love and sooner than that they get married.

What was the magic?  They believe it was food. Dating, Courtship , Marriage and parenthood for all seasons through every season and every reason it was food which brought the awesomeness.

He pursued many hobbies still landing up with a camera . She still wonders why she didn’t feel the call of professional baking earlier in life .

This is us . Madhushree and Anindya . We cook, travel and we take pictures. This is our story . This is Pikturenama .

We share stories on cooking, on our travels and the pictures . While Madhushree cooks  and present it in her unique style, Anindya is the photographer and the wordsmith who weaves a story around it . A crazy foodie couple, our life revolves around food . From seafood to authentic Bengalee dishes to Mughlai to Turkish to continental – our varied background has helped us to grow up with varied food tastes and marriage has helped us to amalgamate the best of both the cultures and make us  comfortable in every genre and cuisine .

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Anindya and Madhushree