My experience in the Fine art Photography with Agnimirh was one of its kind . I didn’t know what is Fine Art Photography . Neither do I know it now . I don’t know now as it cannot be learnt in a day or in a workshop .

Normally in a photography workshop, you would see a class room style seating with a white board and a projector . Here too, we had a projector and a professor look alike, white bearded person with a pleasant smile operating it. However, there was a difference – this was an auditorium with no whiteboards around . Before the first performance/situation he silently got up to the stage and started setting up the set and in a flash he changed the entire surroundings. Later when he was managing the projector he was like a painter and he painted pictures with his colourful slides on the models. Light and dark , red and green , blue and yellow – isn’t photography all about deciding which colour to capture and at what temperature?

Agnimirh Basu Fine Art Photography workshop silent Momii a closer look

Take a closer look at me

Agnimirh Basu Fine Art Photography workshop the call

You wanna come near me

Temperature soured when Moumita ( Momii) came in. She was somewhat silent with stories in her eyes and still she gave you a feeling that she moves in a surreal world. She had a plastic wrapped around her body and motifs of different female anatomy printed on paper hanging from her body. She carried a magnifying glass in her hand and looked at you through it, so it was a close interchange of looks, yet she wouldn’t come near you. She was mysteriously silent but would oblige you with her looks and movement as and when requested for. Her dress , her looks were all there to shock you .

Agnimirh Basu Fine Art Photography workshop silent Momii looking glass

Looking into you

Agnimirh Basu Fine Art Photography workshop sensuous Momii

A closer look yet not close enough

Agnimirh Basu Fine Art Photography workshop silent Momii

The look and the call


She shocked us more when she came back in the second sequence with her entire body covered in a birds wing .She appears under the Red coloured Fire extinguishing hose pipe . I got confused with which needed whom. The fire the water, or the water the fire .

Agnimirh Basu Fine Art Photography workshop Momii near water

the fire and extinguisher

Agnimirh Basu Fine Art Photography workshop Momii 2nd appearance

Thinking Invitation

Agnimirh Basu Fine Art Photography workshop Momii 2nd appearance

Momii in multiple lights

A thinking man’s object of desire –  thats what Momi was. If she had challenged you to look at her in the first appearance and carried symbols of female anatomy with her , in the second appearance she managed to challenge you to look at her with an all covered dress.

An M.A. in Sanskrit from Murshidabad – the land of Nawabs , she loves to listen to Baul ( Bengal folk song ), she quit her corporate job to become an actress . She has landed up with a role in a film called Bollywood diary with Raima Sen and Vineet Singh . She is Momii . Thanks Momii for the chance to shoot you .

PS – The white bearded ever smiling man with a professor look was none other than the famous Filmfare Award winning Art Director Sukant Panigrahy . Sukant Sir, I was foolish to not to take a selfie with you .

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