Engelberg Switzerland Town

The small town called Engelberg

Our first destination in Switzerland was Lucerne and making that as a base we had planned to visit Mt Titlis . One has to catch a train from Lucerne to reach Engelberg, the small resort Swiss Town from where further ahead the tours for Mt. Titlis starts . In this post, I would not waste words, neither your valuable time in explaining the history of the town and other necessary details as that’s just a click away in the search engines. I will take you through a journey of personal feelings and how we ( Madhushree – my wife and I ) explored the city and why it still remains one of the most romantic get away for us .

Engelberg Switzerland town 2

The Post Office at Engelberg

We were greeted by an overcast sky with intermittent rainfalls when we reached Engelberg . Coming from a city like Lucerne, the first thing that attracted us in this quaint small town was the quietness of the locality and its amazing railway station . A small railway station which was unbelievably clean, seemed straight out of a Yash Chopra movie. We walked down to the starting point of the Mt Titlis and realized there is something special about this small town which will be worth exploring .

Engelberg Switzerland Town 9

Options galore

After a very successful Mt Titlis tour, when we returned it was around 4 pm in the evening and we started walking down the road to go to the railway station . The shutterbug became active and shutter was pressed randomly . Just fresh after a round of rainfall the roads were shining , a little stream passing by the road and absolute silence all around . It was so silent that speaking with your partner would also create echoes . Lush green fields with the Alps playing a peekaboo here and there, all seemed like a setting for an intense romantic song from a Yash Chopra movie .

Engelberg Switzerland Town 3

The stream by the side of the road

Engelberg Switzerland Town 4

Lush green surroundings

Engelberg Switzerland Town 5

Those houses which we dreamt of owning

Engelberg Switzerland Town 6

Who wont like a house here – Engelberg

Engelberg Switzerland Town 8

Another view

We stood in front of each of the wooden houses with attractive windows and dreamt where we would like to retire some day , where we would have our morning tea – you know like those young teen lovers do in movies. Remember Kumar Gaurav and Vijeyta Pandit in Love Story in that famous song ?

Time has never been in favor of the lovebirds and we were no exception . By the time we reached Engelberg station it was late and the train had left with an hour to wait for the next train . We went out once again and this time as we roamed around like loverbirds on a date ( yes we were 5 years into marriage then) we found out a small souvenir shop , a park with beautiful roses , small bylanes, a post office and a small co operative store . All apt for a small town . For an aspiring photographer, this was like invading a goldmine where you try to gather as much as possible within a very short period of time .

Engelberg Switzerland Town 13

The Souvenir Shop

Engelberg Switzerland Town 11

The second round of exploration – Engelberg

Engelberg Switzerland Town 12

Those roses

Engelberg Switzerland Town 14

Sometimes facing the lens is fun

Engelberg Switzerland Town 16

The lanes and bylanes

Soon we realised we have to catch the train and we started running. And alas!! once again we reached the station with the train pulling out right in front of our eyes. We did not regret it much but we decided not to take the risk anymore . We waited in the station . Being from India, I very humbly sought permission of the Station Master to put my two cans of Tuborg beer .Took the liberty of sitting on the rail tracks and have my beer , posed like a Hindi movie hero and we chatted endlessly about dreams ,future and non sense in general . Time stood still for us.

Engelberg Switzerland Town 18

The quintessentially beautiful Engelberg station

Engelberg Switzerland Town 20

Yes I did this and I am not promoting any brand

Those couple of hours seems just like yesterday .  We promised to each other to come back to this place once again when we grow old and again on purpose, miss the train .

Forgot to mention, we never realized how and when we held our hands throughout this journey at Engelberg.


Engelberg Switzerland Town 21

Finally we got the train and isnt it love all around

Disclaimer –

1. We went to Switzerland in 2011 , but I started blogging recently hence sharing now .

2. I / We are normally very private person and Madhushree is even more than me. Its only Engelberg magic that I got the permission to publish few of our best memories .