Location of Novotel Hyderabad Airport

Not that you can check out of Hyderabad airport and walk in to the huge lobby of Novotel Hyderabad Airport. It is also not that you have ample time in hand to enjoy some soft drinks and snacks and a power nap before you reach the airport. Neverthless, it is close to the airport. When the pick up car driver told me Novotel Hyderabad is just 5 – 10 minutes, I was little surprised. So less time? The official address is – Airport Approach Road, Hyderabad, Telangana 500409.

Novotel Hyderabad Airport lobby

The lobby

Novotel Hyderabad Airport the other side of the lobby

The other side of lobby

Novotel Hyderabad Airport lobby 4

Lobby from the other end

Novotel Hyderabad Airport The sprawling lobby

The sprawling Lobby

The entrance and the rooms at Novotel Hyderabad Airport

The giant lobby at the entrance welcomes you with the bar/ coffee corner located at the far end. Illuminated circular installations on both sides of the reception with reflection on the ground makes it look larger than it is. During the day, natural light through the large glass panels gives a soothing effect to the entire space. Novotel Hyderabad Airport cannot go beyond 6 floors for the proximity to the Airport – Harshvardhan Dengwekar, the ever smiling and enthusiastic Marketing Manager confirmed.

The deluxe suites, the most premium rooms have an attached balcony overseeing the swimming pool and vacant space outside. With premium and superior rooms and Executive suites, there are around 289 keys for this hotel. So for me, there were enough charging points, very prompt room service, which was almost a midnight call to get some lemon wedges and replenishment of bathroom supplies won my heart. A small suggestion can be to keep a baggage weighing kit handy and functional. Most of the travellers wouldn’t want to be thrown in a surprise of over baggage at the time of check in at the airport. I liked the welcome note and the assortments for sure. 

Novotel Hyderabad Airport the welcome

The welcome note

Novotel Hyderabad Airport room

Thats my room

Novotel Hyderabad Airport premium rooms

Executive Suite

Breakfast first at The Square – The All day dining of Novotel Hyderabad Airport

It was Podi and Parasattu all the way. I have always had fascination towards condiments and Podi took to my heart. Square, the all day dining had a small shelf of Pickle and Podi with a bowl of Ghee too. I took Podi idli, the pint sized bombs with some more red chili powder. Harsh insisted that I try pesarattu dosa, which is a local favourite. A green coloured dosa, which doesn’t use Urad daal, was so good that I restrained myself from having eggs.  

Novotel Hyderabad Airport -1

The pickle and Podi stand

Novotel Hyderabad Airport - 2

Podi idli

Novotel Hyderabad Airport dosa

Pesarattu Dosa

Herb Garden, Sandpit Volleball, Basketball and tennis court at Novotel Hyderabad Airport and cooking for Ravi Khubchandani, the General Manager

Albeit a short stay, one of the fondest memories of the stay was the breakfast on Saturday. It was a BBQ breakfast adjacent to the herb garden. Herb garden is a part of the global initiative of Novotel and this garden is a baby of Executive chef Varun Movva. The herb garden had a beautiful produce of broccoli, mint, tomatoes, chilis, spinach, basil and other vegetables used for consumption in the restaurants. Farm to plate has been a pet peeve for long for restaurateurs and this was one great example. Live egg counter to me is like a swimming pool in front of a swimmer. I agreed to make a masala omellete for Ravi and I think I fared well. That was real fun.

There were live grilled sausages and other savouries, cutting chai and eggs galore. The property is spread over 7 acres. Tennis court, Football ground, Sandpit Volleyball and Basketball. There is a provision for perhaps everything and more. I wish I had a tryst with the beautiful swimming pool which was impressively cordoned off for kid’s safety. If you are travelling with kids, then there is a pool table and a X Box too but better to leave them in the sprawling greens. 

Novotel Hyderabad Airport the swimming pool

The swimming pool

Novotel Hyderabad Airport view from top

The swimming pool from top

Novotel Hyderabad Airport iftari dinner layout

The beautiful set up for the dinner

The Ramazan Dinner at Novotel Hyderabad Airport – Patthar ke Phool with Patthar ka Gosht

The tables were laid at the back of the square and this was the first meeting too with Executive Chef Varun Movva. Words will fall short about the long discussion we had over an opulent yet scrumptious dinner. I will take this in a reverse way. The master stroke of the entire dinner was at the end when I tasted the sheer koorma. A velvety layer of ghee engulfed the mouth and made me forget all the delicious spread I had till then. We started with Paya Shorba with Shirmal Pondo.

There is a slight difference between the Taftan which I had later with Paya Ki Nihari. Patthar ke gosht was something that I was interested in and Chef Vikram confirmed the marination with papaya, white pepper, green chilies and ginger garlic paste. The white pepper was sharp in taste as we devoured in it. We had endless discussion as the food came pouring in. There was Murg Malai sheek Kebab, Dakhni talahua Jhinga, Beja Gurda fry and some more.

Some personal favcorites from Chef Vikas Movvo – Executive Chef Novotel Hyderabad Airport

I wanted to check with Vikas about what was his favourite ingredient? His answer took me by surprise – Salt , favourite spice – Fennel seeds and hold on his favourite protein, which was Paneer and that too Delhi paneer. Patthar ke phool was a hit movie featuring Salman and Raveena but here Patthar ke Phool refers to black stone flower or kalpasi, which is a very common spice mix for the potli masala which goes into Hyderabadi Biryani, as is Khus ki jad or dried vetiver roots.

Going back to where it started, I admit I behaved in rather uncouth manner while having the sheer koorma as few of my other fellow diners did and it appeared for a second helping. This was one of the most memorable meals I had in recent times with August company and a great conversation with Chef Vikas. 

Novotel Hyderabad Airport Chef Vikas Movvo

Exec chef Vikas Movvo with the wonderful spread

Novotel Hyderabad Airport Iftari dinner spread

Novotel Hyderabad Airport Iftari dinner spread

Iftari dinner spread

Novotel Hyderabad Airport Iftari dinner - 2

In the end, I can say that Novotel Hyderabad Airport ticked off all the boxes that one can expect in a staycation. I swept off the idea of using the Gym facility  (7000 sq ft in space and well equipped) but perhaps next time, I would like to indulge myself in a massage after a Sauna at the Spa . 

Novotel Hyderabad Airport gym


The walkthrough of the Spa

Inside the Spa

Novotel Hyderabad Airport banquets

One of the banquets. Novotel Hyderabad Airport has 4 banquets

Novotel Hyderabad Airport Haldi

Haldi the Indian restaurant

Novotel Hyderabad Airport Haldi 2

Haldi the Indian restaurant 2

Disclaimer – We were invited for a stay at Novotel Hyderabad Airport and all the views expressed here are personal