New York City has a little something for everyone. This list includes some great places in New York that will make a memorable spring vacation. Spring has loads of outdoor activities to offer, such as flower shows, cultural activities, and outdoor musical fests.

Once New York has shed its winter blues, it becomes a place of excitement. While it might be easy to fall into the tourist trap and head from one popular place to another, we suggest you take your time and feel the New York vibe instead of giving in to the pressure.

Here are some amazing outdoor activities that you can do in NYC.

New York City

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Explore Art & Culture

One of the best places to explore art and culture is in Brooklyn. You will have the option of visiting the best museums, such as the Guggenheim and MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). And as mentioned before, Brooklyn has loads of offers to art lovers – especially the Brooklyn Museum, which happens to be the third-largest museum in New York City.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music is another venue you cannot miss out on, especially when you are a lover of indie movies and other cutting-edge performances.

New York City is rich in culture, and there are many outdoor and indoor activities that you can become a part of, such as fun activities at the Strong Museum of Play and the Fenimore Art Museum.


Visit Iconic Buildings

New York is worldwide famous for its unique skyline stretching across Manhattan island. New York is home to many unique worldwide popular buildings. One of the latest architectural marvels of New York is the Vessel.

This building comprised sixteen stories and was first opened to the public in 2019. This building is popular for its spiral staircase, and you will enjoy climbing this interactive artwork and looking at New York City from a different angle.

Another must-visit building is the Flatiron Building. This building is also referred to as one of the world’s most famous skyscrapers. Initially, this building was known as the Fuller Building due to its unique triangular shape and resemblance to clothes iron, which perfectly explains the name of the building.

You get the point – visiting the most iconic buildings in New York City is a must-do activity.

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Hang Out at Times Square

Did you know that Times Square is one of the busiest pedestrian areas globally? Times Square is popular for its enormous electrified ads – creating a surreal neon vibe. Besides, Times Square is also popular for its famous theaters, shopping, and dining.

You can assess the popularity of Times Square with the simple fact that it attracts over fifty million visitors each year.

Not everyone knows that Times Square got its name from the New York Times Tower – the headquarters of the New York Times newspaper (constructed in 1904) when the area became the hub of New York’s social elite.

Times Square also happens to be the center of New York’s entertainment industry with its Broadway Theater District and the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve also happens to be one of the most popular celebrations in New York – so if you cannot visit this amazing city in spring, you might want to do so in the winter season.


Take Pictures of the Statue of Liberty

This Statue is a symbol of hope and freedom. It is also one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. There is no better season to visit the Statue of Liberty than springtime; however, you must purchase a ferry ticket at Statue Cruises.

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are only accessible through a ferry ticket. You can choose from various options that will take you to the Statue of Liberty from two basic locations, such as New Jersey and Manhattan.

If you are visiting New York City with your kids, you must take them to Ellis Island. The island isn’t only home to the Statue of Liberty alone and houses a beautiful park and an avant-garde museum.

As you explore the green grounds of the island, you ought to take pictures of the Statue of Liberty from different angles and see how the Statue’s appearance transforms with the light. Besides, if you are interested in American immigration history, Ellis Island will provide you with a unique perspective on the history.

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