What is your opinion about a marriage which happens between Chocolate and Sandesh and when they become Chocolate Sandesh ?

They say marriages are made in heaven . Indeed they are . This blog post is not about your regular marriage between a man and a woman but about the confluence of sandesh and chocolate, which makes it immortal.

Sandesh in itself is a darling of Kolkata . No matter how it gets pronounced, the taste remains the same. While doing my research for this post, I stumbled upon this nice quote which is worth sharing here –

It’s dry yet moist in sweetness. It won’t exactly melt in your mouth but its sweet aftertaste lures your taste buds to bite into more such soft wonders. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the mysterious charm of sandesh — a term meaning news — a bearer of good tidings for those away from home. (Times of India) 

So when chocolate comes to picture, its like the icing on the cake. The ethnicity of the Sandesh and the flirtatious chocolate make it a match which is irresistible.

Chocolate 2 in 1 sandesh

Delicious chocolate 2 in 1 sandesh

Post 90’s economic liberation, when the cafe culture started, it caused a serous threat to the sweet shops around the neighborhood . The youth started flocking around the Coffee shops and with very less product innovation there was nothing new to offer from the sweet shops. Soon pastries and cakes were a convenient swanky replacement of sandesh and apart from few traditional ethnic ones, rest all faced the hard future of extinction .

It was during this time, the magic happened . Chocolate Sandesh, which was already present for last 100 years, all of a sudden reappeared with lots and lots of varieties. In order to attract teenagers, almost all the sweet shops started innovating fusion sweets with unique names.

Innovation of sweets in general and chocolate Sandesh in particular got a fillip when the famous chocolate maker Cadbury India introduced Cadbury Mishti Sera Shrishti ( Cadbury sweets are best creation ) . For the year 2013 and 2014 Nalin Ch Das has been a winner in this competition .

Brazilian Samba chocolate sandesh 4

Delicious Brazilian Samba Sandesh

Last year in this competition , the theme was worldcup and they came up with sweets with names like – Spanish tikitaka , Italian Defense , Brazilian Samba and few more . Brazilian Samba is something in particular which drew my attention and not for the fact that I am a Brazillian supporter . Its an unique combination of Cadbury Sandesh, Cadbury Diary milk liquid chocolate and cashew nut . And the taste ? Well, can say simply it melts in mouth and just like Cadburys, leaves you wanting for more.

Chocolate 2 in 1 sandesh

Chocolate 2 in 1 sandesh with liquid chocolate

One of the other major fusions which happened was with chocolate two in one sandesh . Earlier it was only a double layer sandesh with Chocolate flavour infused in Sandesh. However, now there are many varieties which have come in, like chocolate vanilla , chocolate strawberry and chocolate black current . The formula is the same, however the flavour changes . A bite and the confluence of the two tastes keep on fighting inside your mouth trying to overrule each other, where finally you are the winner.

It has been a good change which has happened in the sweet scenario and the aim for attracting the youth has been successful, where it caught the attention of the media and the general awareness and the interest increased . Anyone visiting Kolkata now who is a connoisseur of sweets in general, these sweets form an inevitable part of the checklist .

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If after reading at a place far from Kolkata, the mishti / sondesh craving is at its peak – don’t feel sad – just open your internet browser .

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