Deyga natural products for community of Eco Conscious customers

Arthi Raguram, the founder of Deyga, is a new-age entrepreneur whose passion for creating nature-inspired, self care products has been a driving force of the brand. Her skincare journey began very early as she was an athletic student who was always out the sun. Natural ingredients helped her skin stay protected and healthy.

Growing up with sensitive skin, Arthi decided to steer clear away from products loaded with harsh chemicals. She maintains this resolve with every Deyga creation as well. Arthi made sure every ingredient was handpicked and every product was responsibly crafted. Deyga has now made waves and broke barriers as a community of Eco-conscious customers.

Deyga Charcoal Bath Bar

The first product that we received was Deyga charcoal bath bar. Let’s talk about the packaging first. The black bar of soap was wrapped in parchment paper, neatly sealed and then tucked inside a cloth bag. Full points to the impressive packaging that also resonated with the ’boutique’ and ‘organic’ experience. At first, the black bath bar is quite shocking since we are not used to seeing charcoal-coloured soap. It didn’t have any over-the-top fragrance, rather had a natural fragrance.

Deyga Charcoal bath bar - 2

What is a charcoal soap?

So basically, this is a soap made with activated charcoal, which is known to have several beneficial properties. As per Wikipedia, Activated charcoal is used to treat poisonings, reduce intestinal gas (flatulence), lower cholesterol levels, prevent hangovers, and treat bile flow problems (cholestasis) during pregnancy. 

Deyga Charcoal bath bar -1

Deyga charcoal bath bar and what it does

As per the company website, the Charcoal Soap Bar when used consistently on your face, can reduce or eliminate acne, bumps and blackheads. So if you suffer from any of these, they recommend making this part of the daily regime. Also, this bar is made with cold-pressed oils that are natural, vegan and paraben-free.

Well, I am no dermatologist. Hence I cannot, ethically stress these claims. Having said that, as a consumer, I am quite impressed with the product. Firstly, it doesn’t melt away within no time as many other organic soaps do. It feels great on the skin and the skin does not dry out. In fact, the skin becomes soft and almost moisturized. It cleanses really well too and there is a feel-good factor after a bath with this charcoal bar.

You can check out the product here 

Deyga beard oil

The beard Oil – The second product which reached me was beard oil. For the major part of my life, I had no use of beard oil but things have changed in the last few years. Hair and facial hair both need care and maintenance and deserve some amount of undivided attention on a daily basis. Beard needs some specific attention and focus like defined edges and lines, uneven edges or outer boundary and also the care of the facial skin and dead tissues. A thick dense beard when grown and groomed properly will definitely add a sharp edge to your image and personality. However, it also means dedication and hard work on a regular basis.

Deyga moustache and beard oil - 1

One essential part of beard grooming is keeping it soft and in shape throughout the day. Depending on the place of stay and weather, the beard may get rough, dry and in turn, scatter all over the place (face in this case). Beard oil acts as a moisturizer to provide nourishment to the skin and also helps to make the beard look fuller, softer and tamer. This bear oil by Deyga ticks all the boxes. The essential oil blend which contains a blend of argan oil and hemp seed oil keeps the bear soft with a fresh look throughout the day. The best part of this oil is the fragrance and the soft feeling afterward. You can check out the product here 

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