Ekdalia Rd kolkata is painting white with the help of black and how? 

The beginning of Ekdalia Rd Kolkata 

It was sometime last year, when the blogpost Kacha Aamer ambol was released. Surojit, who was a social media acquaintance then, had pinged me about the decanter which we had used for the picture. Conversation started from there on and he shared his plan of opening up a restaurant in Ekdalia Road in the same name. At that point of time, it was known as Ekdalia road Social and later got renamed as Ekdalia Rd.

Many a time, he had invited us during the pre opening to visit and catch up with him but my schedule did not allow me to even pay a courtesy visit. The restaurant opened on the 8th of August. It took me long 3 months or more to drop in there and was much in a hurry with Tugga and Brishti at their nagging best. We didn’t even sit, quickly had few starters while Brishti was throwing cutlery around and got some food packed. In that brief time, I managed to see the kitchen adjoining to the second sitting area and what struck me were the posters of the legendary chefs adorning the wall. This was before Durga Puja.  In the meanwhile, swiggy started delivering food from Ekdalia Rd at our location and we did order a couple of times. We were physically there again sometime in January. The seating arrangement of the outer room had changed. It was more spacious and spread out.  We sat down to chat with Surojit.

Ekdalia Rd KOlkata - front

This feature is purely based on my experience and as I always say, that unless one has visited a place three or four times, it’s tough to pass on a judgement on the place. Let’s start with why black is new white. White is popularly related with rice in this part of the country and in Ekdalia Rd , Surojit is using black rice. A rice which was once upon a time considered as forbidden, grown around Birbhum district, makes a comeback. This is the first time, a restaurant in Kolkata is using these rice grains. Paired with several European classics, this black rice is not particularly sticky. It has a slight glutaneous texture. Needless to say, packed with nutrition, and with some herbs and garlic, this black rice is definitely brimming with freshness and flavour. It is a must try dish here. 

Ekdalia Rd KOlkata yellow fin tuna steak

Yellow fin tuna steak with chimichuri sauce and black rice

Ekdalia Rd KOlkata - black rice close up

The much talked about black rice

Interiors of Ekdalia Rd Kolkata 

Bare brick walls, with two sections separated by a passage and the second portion opens up to a live kitchen. The pictures of some of legendary worldwide chefs adorn the wall there.  The main entrance has the basic industrial look of concrete tiles, wrought iron furniture with non-plastered brick walls throwing up a cosy feeling the moment you step in. It’s in the basement of  a residential complex of Ekdalia road and the main dining area gives you a feeling of a warm and homely charm of an English bistro. 

Ekdalia Rd KOlkata - that wall

That wall

Many firsts of Ekdalia Rd Kolkata 

There are many firsts which the restaurant is offering today in Kolkata and it’s a coincidence that the offerings are based on black. A locally produced organic black rice (there is no name for that variety yet), black kadaknath chicken, which is served with a combination of black rice. The breast portion and leg portion comes in the meal. The menu is a balance of some European classics as well as modern experimental take on comfort food. There is a breakfast option also where the breakfast is served from 7 in the morning.

A classical example of reproducing world food through indigenous produce without the compromise on the taste is what makes this special. Leave aside the black rice which is grown in Birbhum and Midnapore – rural districts of West Bengal, the white rice which is offered here is also locally procured from the farmers. The idea of being an experimental kitchen for global cuisine with local impact also comes put, when one tastes the chimichuri sauce with the flavour of Gondhoraaj Lebu, the triple S sauce ( Sweet, Sour, Spicy)is made with all local produce or the black rice pudding with Nolen Gur. This reemphasizes the solution of global crisis of Climate change and its pitfalls 

Ekdalia Rd KOlkata - black rice

Black rice and kadaknath

Starters at Ekdalia Rd Kolkata 

Starters, an impressive selection of salads and then comes the main course. It’s very comforting to see known names like a fish and chips, mustard honey glazed pork belly, Lamb steak, New Zealand Lamb Rack, grilled baby chicken, lobster thermidor, grilled lobster to name a few.

Our pick for starters go for bacon wrapped prawns with mayo dip. The bacon retains the crisp enveloped around a soft and juicy prawn. One can select from many options from the main course depending on the preference, however a share of black kadaknath chicken is a must. Point to be noted is that it needs to be pre ordered. In addition, one can also look at Fish n Chips but made with Black snapper. Chicken Francaise is also strongly recommended where the classic Italian American dish gets tweaked with addition of panko from top. The pastas are hand rolled and hence they are strongly in demand. The velvety textured beetroot pasta with carbonara is a must try. In case you drop in for the Breakfast, then you can go for the breakfast platter which has bacon and ham sausages, baked beans, eggs, homemade jam made with fresh seasonal fruits and sometimes vegetables too and sandwiches, muffins, potato wedges. This is priced at INR 299 and although named as breakfast platter, this is available all through the day and the hat tip will be to try out the club sandwiches.

Ekdalia Rd KOlkata - tempura platter

The tempura platter

Ekdalia Rd KOlkata pork Sizzler

Pork with Sunny Side up

There are few firsts in Kolkata for this place and one can only hope for a great successful journey ahead. It’s easy to share a piece of advice with a ringside view and that’s what I wanna do now. Surojit loves experimenting and customizing his menu for the guests. During the time spent with him at Ekdalia Rd Kolkata, he shared stories of making veg sizzlers for a vegetarian guest, using fish in innovative ways and many more.  All this sounds very good till now, but sooner he realises that he needs to develop couple or more signature dishes and promotes and brands them, then it will be better for a standalone joint like this. After all who can forget what Chelo Kebab did for Peter Cat?