Homemade dinner plates can elevate your dinner table, especially if you get pieces with unique designs. Besides that, if you are a DIY enthusiast with a passion for creating handcrafted items, you can check into pottery studios.

Inside pottery studios, you will meet other creative minds. Amateur and professional artisans work in groups to brainstorm ideas before the real magic happens. You will feel proud of your work once you serve dinner or lunch on plates you designed and hand-crafted yourself. 

In this article, we explore where you can either buy or make your own homemade dinner plates.

Visit Pottery Studios

You will find amateur and professional artisans in pottery studios. Look for pottery studios near your town and find out their operating hours. Also, don’t forget to review the rates per hour. 

If you are a newbie to pottery, studios are a great place to get started. Some even offer lessons and free training materials for upcoming artisans. In the studio, you can work on solo or group projects. Besides that, you can also buy pieces made by other members of the pottery club.

DIY Pottery Classes

If you have design ideas you want to bring to life, joining a DIY pottery class can help you on this front. You can choose DIY lessons offered online or attend physical classes. All you need to do is invest in materials for handcrafting dinnerplates or homemade pieces.

You will learn everything from creating the perfect clay mix to throwing it on the wheel and shaping it how you want. The instructors will help you shape and mold your lunch and dinner plates, and add patterns, and colors.

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Online Pottery Shops

If you are interested in buying handcrafted lunch and dinner plates, you can source them from online pottery shops. You can a variety of handmade home items from Supper Club. You can browse through the products and read reviews from past buyers before purchasing.

Remember, handcrafted dinner plates can be costlier than regular designs you will find in your local store. Ensure that you consider durability, functionality, and design during purchase. Bottom-line is to get value for your money, especially if you are buying expensive dinnerware.

Try Thrift Stores

If you are a lover of antiques or vintage pieces, consider visiting thrift shops in your area. You will get some good dinnerplates for a fraction of the price. Moreover, you stand a chance to come across some hidden gems when thrifting.

You can up-cycle the pieces later on to remove any dirt and hard stains. The only downside to thrifting is that it is time-consuming. You also need to have excellent bargaining skills so you don’t get ripped off by the sellers.

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Visit Art Shows

Local artisans use art shows to market their products. Watch out for upcoming art shows or trade fairs in your town. Visit local artisan’s stands to see what they have on their display. There are chances that you will get some nice homemade lunch and dinner plates.

You will also learn more about the process of creating the items and where you can find the artisan’s collections if you are interested in more pieces. 

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Wrapping Up

Homemade dinnerware can add elegance and class to your kitchen and dinner table. You can choose to visit pottery studios and create your pieces or buy them straight from professional artisans. 

Ensure that you do your market research to find the price estimates. Also, check the material and build quality during purchase. Consider functionality as you don’t want to buy plates that cannot fit in your cabinets or are too big for your dinner table. Lastly, read through the care instructions before purchase.