Where did we meet Doma di first?

Anindya asked me and I wondered if age is catching up with him while struggling between managing his growing children and expanding waistline. It came as a surprise as he has the uncanny knack of remembering dates, events and phone numbers to the ‘t’. Yes, he is quite old school that way. He even remembers the phone numbers of most of his closest friends and on purpose would not save them on his mobile.
One summer afternoon we walked into Middleton Street Blue Poppy – tried out their fried pork momos, shaphalays and thukpa and soon it became our favourite joint due to the close proximity to office. At that time, we didn’t know Doma di until Social media got us connected.
Anindya and I met Doma di first at Tung Nam along with Indrajit Lahiri and other food lovers sometime in 2016. By that time we had already become a fan of Doma di’s Momos and I requested her to teach me how to make these cresent shaped wonders that I can almost live on. Being the warm person that she is, instantly agreed that on anyday I could drop in to her place and she would teach me to make momos.

For long Doma di has had her patrons from Blue Poppy requesting for beef delicacies from the hills. Traditionally, it is beef which is prefereably consumed as momos rather than chicken. Other than momos too, there are a myriad of beef dishes in her kitty which she has not had a chance to offer at Blue Poppy. Hence came Shim Shim.

Shim Shim is a Himalayan cafe serving a whole lot of beef delicacies from the hills.  A small eatery, it has quite a familiarity with a typical cafe from Thamel in Kathmandu or in Sikkim, there is a beautiful mural of a monastery on one wall and the others are very neatly decorated with pictures depicting Buddhist culture.

What do you get in Shim Shim Kolkata ?

Beef koftas, beef shaphalays, beef thukpa, beef momos, beef keema fried rice and many more are available here. Doma di  has ensured to bring in the best quality of beef for the kitchen. She uses undercuts, which is a very lean and expensive cut, even for her mince. So, if not anything, you can be assured of the quality of the ingredients which are simply superior.

Shim Shim

Beef Thupka

One bite into the momos and if she is around, she will warn you to keep a plate underneath your mouth, since the juices will trickle down. The perfect mix of beef mince, onions and garlic, these beef momos are to die for. In fact you will find quite a few people with their eyes closed, biting into these meaty and scrumptious dumplings. Most of the food here has a minimalist appeal just like it is supposed to be. The thukpa has an ambrosial beef stock with thin slices of beef undercut melting in your mouth. Mongolian beef is a soul satisfying plate of beef slices, naturally tender and tossed in a sweet chilli sauce. The dish itself is quite addictive and is highly recommended. So is the keema fried rice and as the name suggests, it has beef keema in abundance and it’s a simple dish made uncommonly well. Each bite provides a forkful of comfort.

Shim shim

Roasted chili beef

Shim Shim chicken phingsha

Chicken phingsha

Shim Shim chicken wings

Crispy chicken wings

Shim Shim Beef Momo

Beef Momo

If you are a beef aficionado or such a lover of good Himalayan food, then Shim Shim Kolkata is the one place you have got to be. Be prepared to stand in a que outside the door on weekends. And if you really want to savour into every dish at peace, then go on a weekday.

Shim Shim Kolkata Address: 31 A, Bright Street (close to 4 no Park circus flyover or behind Quest Mall)

Price for 2: Approximately INR 600 (for an indulgent meal)

Open from 12 noon to 4 pm and 6 pm to 10 pm

Anindya –  The pictures may not be in sync with the quality of the other pictures that are put up in the blog but some food needs undivided attention and for some strange reason Shim Shim is one place where I have never felt like carrying my camera as I always wanted to get indulged by the good food. A place where I rarely take out my mobile, but engage in a chat and banter with Doma di and surrender myself to the Good Food.