The last month of the year begins. If for some, this year has been not so great for various reasons, be it personal, professional or otherwise, then there is always a chance of redemption. The final redemption.

No sooner than Durga Puja, Diwali and Bhai dooj are over and withdrawal symptoms start setting in, the Christmas bell start ringing in from a far distance.  When it comes to Christmas, its Christmas trees, Santa Clause, gifts and obviously Christmas cakes.  Around that time of the year, the air almost smells of Christmas cakes and puddings.

My chhotomashi (aunt) was very particular about Christmas cakes. She passed away untimely at the age of 50. Till such time, may whatever it be, she made it a point to bake and bring a piece of cake for us. Otherwise in Chandannagore, cake and Christmas cake meant – the special editions of Bapuji, a little better Farinni cakes ( how many of us remember that brand) or Christmas cakes from Nahoums or the New Market cake stalls (which suddenly appear before Christmas) in Kolkata .

This Sunday, was one such day, when Madhushree finally found the time to do her own dry fruit mixing, like every year. So stage 1 is done. Old Monk has been put to good use and now the wait begins.

ReadHow the cake mixing happened in The Lalit Great Eastern for this year 

Christmas cake mixing 2

As the rum is poured the anticipation increases

We also attended the Cake mixing ceremony of Stadel. Yes we reached late, however we were high in spirits. When we reached, we could identify Chess Grandmasters Mr. Dibyendu Barua and Mr. Surya Shekhar Ganguly. Well known PR, Life style, Columnist and Image consultant Mrs. Rita Bhimani and Veteran Sports commentator Mr. Kishore Bhimani were seen taking a keen interest in the mixing. It was great to get introduced to poetess Ms. Joie Bose along with her toddler son Arjoe. Fashion designer Lopamudra Mandal Saha was also present and so was Fitness expert and columnist Mr. Preetom Mukherjee Roy.

We also had fellow bloggers in Indrajit, Poorna, Rajdeep and newly introduced with us  Ms Prity Poddar. No amount of discussion on food is enough, so we had to abruptly end a hearty adda. After all when foodies meet, an adda cannot be far behind.

Any cake mixing event is an anticipatory event where it reinstates that Christmas is nearby and for the last time in this year, its a festival where we can forget our sorrows and  get ourselves soaked in the atmosphere of happiness all around.  How far is Christmas?  Not very far off. Somewhere I wanna rewind the clock and start believing in Santa once again.

Stadel is located at Gate No. 3 of Salt Lake Stadium. They have nice restaurants in First innings, Heka, Rasam and their own Bakery – Baker Boy. Its worth trying them out.

Christmas cake mixing 11


Christmas cake mixing 12

Beginning of the cake mixing process

Christmas cake mixing 8

Everyone joins the fun

Christmas cake mixing 10

A part of the delicious spread

Christmas cake mixing 9

We tried our hands too

Christmas cake mixing 7

Food bloggers and guests try their hand in the mixing

Christmas cake mixing 6

With fellow foodbloggers


Pics of Stadel Cake mixing are contributed by Abhishek Paul and Rajdeep Bhattacharya . Thanks guys