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When did you have your fist cup of tea ? Where did you have your first cup of tea ? Let me know if by the end of this post you can remember ..

Unlike Eurpoean countries, where perhaps beer is considered to be the drink of baptism, in our subcontinent perhaps a cup of tea/coffee takes up the same role. Whether its tea or coffee depends on the part of the country you belong to . For us, who are on the threshold of achieving mid life crisis very soon – things were little different during childhood . Drinking tea was considered as strict no no before a certain age . You would see your parents and other elders of the house having tea but you were not allowed the same pleasure. We were being made to understand that milk and other nutritious drinks were also tea and hence umpteen times being fooled. Well…we do the same thing to our little boy too.

As far as I remember it was only during teens – that I was handed over my first cup of tea by my mother. Its a long journey  together since then – tea breaks from studies , to stay awake before exam , gossip sessions , informal chats, welcome drink in most of the social dos and so many . Soon friendships were polarised between tea and non tea drinkers.

Then came a stage, when a cup of tea had to be followed by a smoke , new friends were formed in office , permanent tea stall owners became best friends —  ahh those were the days. There will be rarely someone who doesnt have a memory with tea stalls in front of colleges/ Universities / MBA Institutes or offices .  From music conferences to book fairs to cricket matches to seminar halls . Be it rainy afternoons with fav story book , cold wintery morings or summer evenings – you will always find a cup of tea omnipresent .

Soon as one grows up in life Tea/coffee happens to be the occassion of quick reviews , power meetings , client interactions and many more . Ever wondered how tea is a witness to so many decisive moments in life ?

Let me know if you have got the answer for the question – When did you have your fist cup of tea ? Where did you have your first cup of tea ? Till you get the answer – my hot cup of tea is getting wasted


Few ingredients of Masala Tea Ice cream

The ingredients

Masala Tea Ice Cream with ingredients

Masala tea ice cream with candied peanuts
Masala tea Ice cream with candied peanuts deconstructed


Masala tea ice cream with almost all ingredients

With all the ingredients



Melting Masala tea ice cream

The melting Ice cream

The top view of the ingredients

The top view