When it is raining cats and dogs, these are the 10 must-try Bengali monsoon recipes. From khichuri, begun bhaja to ilish mach bhaja and shorshe ilish, this list will make you drool. You can go all out with deep-fried food like Kolkata fish fry, alur chop, peyaji and more along with a cup of cutting chai.

It needs a  drop or a drizzle for Bengalis to get romantic about the monsoon. Don’t blame the Bengalis, over centuries, poets, musicians, artists have got mesmerized by an overcast sky, thunder, and rainfall. Some of the best creative pieces have borne out of monsoon. Food makes us equally romantic and nostalgic too. So monsoon dishes are a perfect match made in heaven?

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Bengali monsoon recipes

A disclaimer at the beginning – there is nothing called must-try Bengali monsoon recipes and you can actually try anything you want. These are some of the recipes which we often make at home and worth relishing while watching the rain outside. Like a dream team for us – we have Khichuri (the epitome of monsoon), there can be many types of Khichuri but we prefer the Musuriri dal er khichuri. Along with Khichuri comes Begun Bhaja, Mourala macher peyaji, fish fry, alur chop which call for a wholesome meal.

The other key aspect of the monsoon for Bengalis is the queen of fish. Rarely there is a Bengali household where Ilish is not made in the monsoon. One weekend if it’s Khichuri then the other weekend it can be an Ilish feast. Ilish Mach Bhaja, Doi Ilish, Sorshe Ilish. Go for a feast. It’s raining – not only water drops but food, feast, and memories too.

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