There is a hiss and a sizzle and it makes everyone’s head turn around. Yes, it is a head turner, the Sizzler.

There is not much written about the origin or the history of sizzler other than it was definitely popularised in the US after World War II. However what can be said is that it has gained its popularity in almost all the countries across the world.

Kolkata has had a number of restaurants serving sizzlers from the time of the swinging sixties, primarily due to the influence of the British bygone era. And till today, Park Street hosts a number of restaurants which tempt the taste buds with a sizzling plate of deliciousness. Peter Cat, Mocambo and BBQ have all been known for their good quality sizzlers. In any restaurant, the sizzler creates an intense craving for ordering it just when it passes by a table. And in winters, when the mercury dips, it is the perfect time to go for something hot and sizzling.

The Gateway Hotel, Kolkata started a sizzler festival with some classic, some artistic, some hearty and all masterfully created by Chef Ashis, the executive chef who has been making waves for his culinary adventures.

Sizzler at Taj Gateway Kolkata 1

Sizzler at Taj Gateway Kolkata 2

Sizzler at Taj Gateway Kolkata 3

There is something for everyone, be it a classic steak griddled to your choice of readiness or a ham steak which has a very large piece of ham sitting on the sizzler plate, perfectly cooked with a slice of char grilled pineapple and a soft yet tangy jus on the side. If you are a stickler of chicken or lamb, then you have the option of going for a tandoori raan sizzler where the raan is cooked with Awadhi spices in a clay oven or you could also go with the southern spiced chicken sizzler. This one would be my pick even though I am a lover of the bold proteins. By southern spice, the chef here means typical Southern Indian spices enhanced with the flavour of curry leaves. This one is a deeply aromatic dish designed to make each bite into a forkful of comfort and flavour.

Sizzler at Taj Gateway Kolkata 5

Sizzler at Taj Gateway Kolkata 8

Vegetarians have an equally impressive option of simple yet sensational dishes. The jack fruit is given a fresh twist by transforming it into a galaouti kabab and then presenting on a sizzler plate with the accompaniments. Well, if you not in a mood to experiment then go with a stuffed potato sizzler.  And who doesn’t like potatoes, especially if they have a crunchy char grilled outer with a stuffing of smoky and spicy cottage cheese.

The final treat however, is the dessert. Aptly named ‘Bull’s eye’, this one is a decadent soft chocolate cake, almost pillowy in texture, enveloped in dark chocolate ganache and served hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And believe me, it is not another sizzling brownie. Every bite feels velvety in the mouth and encased with the melting ganache, it will please even the most discriminating palate.

Sizzler at Taj Gateway Kolkata 10

Sizzler at Taj Gateway Kolkata 11

Other than the above, there is a lot more on the offering. What is interesting is that every dish is very ingredient focussed and has a lot of substance and heft.

This sizzler festival is on till the end of February 2017 and is available from noon to midnight at Buzz on a la carte basis. The cost for 2 would approximately be around INR 1300 plus taxes.