Smoke House Deli…well not really a deli but a full fledged contemporary restaurant with an eclectic decor and menu that go hand in hand with each other. One of our ‘go to’ places when we want to celebrate something has always been SHD since the time they have opened their doors in Kolkata.

Smoke House Deli has come up with a brand new and increased offering on their menu. The 2 very enterprising co owners, Manjri Agarwal and Abhilasha Sethia, along with Chef Sourav brainstormed into conceptualizing and finalising on bigger offering that showcases their fun and friendly food. They have stuck on to their show stoppers and have added a lot of vegetarian variety in the form of soups and salads. The smoked corn puree with paprika tossed vegetables is one such soup that is going to be the new show stopper of Smoke House Deli without a doubt. It is smooth and creamy with a strong smoky flavour.

Smoke House Deli Kolkata 18

Two of the most loved things in world perhaps

Smoke House Deli Kolkata interiors 6

Interiors -2

Smoke House Deli Kolkata 7

The beautiful innovative interiors

Salads have come in a wider variety like the citrus salad with asparagus capers and cherry tomatoes and soba noodle with asparagus and minted zucchini. We tried the second option which really blew us away. There was a hint of sesame oil which added an incredible depth of flavour to this very humble salad. It inspired me so much that I bought soba noodle the same day from New Market to try out at home. Well, non vegetarians, don’t be disappointed. There is plenty for your kind too in the new menu.

We tried out the Smoke House Deli mustard chicken Sloppy Joe, which is by far the best Sloppy Joe sandwich we have ever had. Made with in- house bread, the smoky chicken with the sharpness of the mustard was a total killer. And there was the Lehsun Chutney marinated Red Snapper fillet with spiced beans. A very generous portion of the fillet, for all fish lovers and those of you who prefer bhekti for everything fishy, this is a must try. The snapper was fresh and moist and flaky with a very strong garlic flavour, as the name suggests. It had a rustic charm because of the garlic chutney, yet it showed a lot of finesse. A complete dish, that took Madhushree back to her childhood days of being near the beach.

Mustard Chicken Sloppy Joe at Smoke House Deli Kolkata

Mustard chicken Sloppy Joe

Smoke House Deli Kolkata 1

Lehsun Chutney marinated Red Snapper fillet with spiced beans

Smoke House Deli Kolkata 3

Soba noodle with asparagus and minted zucchini

In the meanwhile, Chef Sourav managed to show us a live demo of cooking up some Penne in Tomato Vodka Sauce. It was fun to watch him do the same and we were more than glad to taste the same. There is a whole new range of sizzlers like the chermoula spiced cottage cheese sizzler and the Smoke House Deli penne sizzler. The new pizzas and the pastas have been added to keeping in mind the young crowd who are bold in experimenting. Where ever possible, some super foods like chia seeds and millets have been used.

Smoke House Deli Kolkata 10

Chef Sourav in Action

Smoke House Deli Kolkata 11

Smoke House Deli Kolkata 14

Smoke House Deli Kolkata 16

The desserts have had a makeover too. We tried out the apple cake with almonds, a really luscious hazelnut feuillantine and the very gorgeous lemon tart with a rich and buttery crust to die for.

Smoke House Deli Kolkata 19

Desserts – Apple cake with almonds, a really luscious hazelnut feuillantine and the very gorgeous lemon tart with a rich and buttery crust

There is a lot more in the new menu and is certainly not possible to write about everything in this one post. So Kolkatans…do hop, step and jump in to Smoke House Deli at the earliest. Create a reason to go, if you don’t have any. We know that we will.

We attended this on behalf of Kolkata Food Bloggers