This is a pretty new concept for Kolkata and time will tell, how much it will be accepted but this is a concept which I will like to encash on as much as possible. 

What is The Parking lot kolkata all about

Imagine parking your car in a busy street and getting your work done? Once you enter The Parking lot, you register yourself with an OTP and a band is being handed over to you. There are parking charges here to get yourself parked inside the restaurant and you cross the turnstile to walk up to the place where you will spend the next two – three hours. Each of your friend/ friends also gets a band. When you place an order – the band is tapped and the order is booked in your name. Same goes for your friend/ friends too and at the end, the bill is evenly divided or anyway you would like it. Sounds exciting? Let’s check what’s there in store once you enter this latest gastropub in Kolkata. The parking charges can vary based on the AI which runs the technology and while it can be as low as INR 100 on a Monday afternoon, it can be as high as INR 250 on a Saturday evening. The charges can vary hour to hour, different days and same days of different weeks. 

The Parking Lot Kolkata 100 hot wheel cars

100 hot wheel cars

After parked what to do at The Parking Lot kolkata 

100 pieces of hot wheel cars will welcome you by the side of the turnstile and then on 1st floor the action begins. High Stools, conventional sitting by the side of the large windows with natural light seeping in through them makes up this 72 cover restaurant. The 18 ft bar is a huge one headed by Uttam Singh. One of the wall has got a huge psychedelic painting and the DJ console inside a real matador van. A small yet spacious smoking room is at the other corner 

The Parking Lot Kolkata uttam Singh

Uttam Singh behind the Bar

The Parking Lot Kolkata drinks - 1

cocktails in the making

Drunken Parking at The Parking lot Kolkata 

Award winning Mixologist Uttam Singh can be seen behind the 18 ft bar where he is there to offer you Mahi Mahi. Inspired from the tropical colours of the giant fish at Pacific Ocean, this is a Vodka based cocktail. The Corn Tale is served in a box of pop corn, a novel concept of a cocktail which is mixed with dark and a white rum with popcorn foam and is quite addictive. How about a Parme Giano? A bite of parmesan cheese served with parmesan infused whisky shaken Vanilla, Port and Orange zest with dash of Angostura bitter. Love the way the saltiness from the cheese blends with the drink without being awkward. Others to try out are Wine Not, a concoction of Bourbon and red wine with bitters, Green and Lean, She said yes and many more.

The Parking Lot Kolkata TPLIIT

The Parking Lot – LIIT

We strongly recommend TPLIIT

This is the baap of all drinks called TPLIIT. Served in a long bamboo shoot, this is a potent drink of Tequila, Vodka, Bacardi, Jagermeister and Kahlua. One of the best drinks to drown your sorrow or celebrate a success.

The best part is the price of the drinks and that’s the USP. Since you have already paid a parking charge, the drinks including the premium labels are being sold almost at MRP and the concept is drink more to get the best out of your parking fee.

The Parking Lot Kolkata food - 1

Trio Sliders

The Parking Lot Kolkata food - 2

Korean chicken skewers

The Parking Lot Kolkata dessert

chocolate all the way

Chakhna, Khana aur Mooh Meetha at The Parking Lot kolkata 

The paradigm has shifted over the years and nowadays, no pub can now survive on alcohol service only with little or negligible finger food. So even though it is a bar, you can bring your non drinking friends and family for a stellar dining experience. There is a provision of All day breakfast like Bombaiya Sandwich, South meets west, Eggs your way and the average price of these are around INR 150. Some of the recommended starters are trio of sliders with a lamb, fish and chicken slider in bright coloured buns priced at INR 225, chicken Korean stick – crispy yet moist chicken morsels in a sweet and spicy sticky sauce, pindi eclairs – a take on pindi chana and puri, Tobasco Tandoori chicken – regular tandoori chicken with an infusion of Tobasco.

As the concept of The Parking lot Kolkata is of a neighbourhood bar, in the mains, check out butter chicken casserole which has a nice version of butter chicken sealed with mashed potato and baked. The butter chicken is bang on taste and has a heart warming effect. Daal tadka ravioli, Kebab platter and many more are interesting mains. In Pasta, the must try is Aglio Olio with laal saag. After all , irrespective of space left or not, try out the Chocolate all the way- chocolate mousse with a nutella brownie served with amle ke murabba. The Motichur crumble cheese cake comes with Oreo pakora and its better left to be tasted and get surprised.  

The Parking Lot Kolkata cocktail - 3
The Parking Lot Kolkata cocktail - 6
The Parking Lot Kolkata the alcohol dispenser

The alcohol dispenser


I wouldn’t hide my words here and say this as I end the piece.

How would you feel when you go to a restaurant which has been redone and one of your favourite restaurants used to be located there? Is it like dating your new love but not being able to forget your ex? We loved Bodega and for the entire time it was there, Bodega was one of our favourite places to dine. Friends, relatives, almost everyone we knew had visited this place. For whatever reasons, it had to shut down and a prime property like this remained shut for a long period of time was an eye sore for all of us. Wishing Aditya Mehta – the dynamic man and co founder of White Castle Hospitality who also owns M Bar Kitchen, Ozorra and Mr. Mozza, along with other co owners Mr. Aakash Jaiswal and Mr. Varun all the best. It’s a new initiative. It’s Park Street. It’s Kolkata. There is no other option but cheering for this. 

Address – 24 Park Street , Kolkata