It’s rare and next to impossible for me to attend a bloggers meet on Monday with a reporting time of 9 AM. With a full time job and other responsibilities, it becomes a tough ask to manage and balance both; hence normally I turn down these propositions however this was one invitation that was hard to turn down!

The invite came from So Kolkata[a] for a food walk in collaboration with Sensodyne, where they wanted to take on the issue of tooth sensitivity, so that all food lovers could eat whatever they wanted without any pain or having to think twice.

There is no debate that if an ice cream is had when it’s melting, a phuchka is had without the tangy tamarind water or a classic Makaibari first flush tea is drunk after it gets cold, the charm and the essence of the food is depleted which is where Sensodyne embraces that you should be able to #EnjoyLikeYouShould.

So with this concept in mind, we started our hip and yet nostalgic filled food walk with fellow food bloggers and food lovers that had been suffering from tooth sensitivity. These foodies had been using Sensodyne for some months now and today was the day when they would, hopefully, get a chance to have the food that they love without worrying about tooth sensitivity at all!

When it comes to food, Park Street comes on top on the list for all the residents and visitors of the city. And there was no better place to start than the legendary tea room – Flurys.

Present for more than 80 years, Flurys has conveniently nestled in the hearts of food lovers, generation after generation. There is lots to choose from the menu at Flurys,and my personal favourites are the sandwiches and the omelettes. If you’re in Flurys, then you just can’t miss out on their breakfast menu.

We focused on the coupes and sundaes portion of the menu and took to enjoying dollops of ice cream with trickling chocolate sauce! For anyone with tooth sensitivity, cold, freezing dishes are a nightmare and they have to wait till the ice cream melts to have a lesser impact on their teeth. From our breakfast meet at Flurys, it seemed that the sensitivity toothpaste had worked well as everyone enjoyed their share of thesundaes and coupes, the Peach Melba and the Pear Belle Helene. Some even ordered for extra servings with additional toppings!

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk Flurys

Flurys Sundae

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 1

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 2

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 3

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 4

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 5

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 6

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 7

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 8

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 10

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 13

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 15

Our next destination was Cha Bar. Cha Bar is a small cafe located inside Oxford Book Store and I have always had this belief that if this place would have been a standalone cafe or tearoom (just like at times it gets difficult to label a relationship, it gets equally difficult to categorise an eatery), then it would have gained more fame.

Started in 2000, Cha Bar is now present in 4 cities integrated with the bookstores of Oxford. As the name suggests, it is all about tea here, and who can ignore the connection between Kolkata and tea?! After cold food, a hot and steaming cup of tea can open up a lot of conversations. I have always considered tea breaks as one of the biggest ice breakers, and it was no different here.

The Sensodyne users did not even bat an eyelid before sipping their cuppa and looking at them, someone would wondered if there was anything called tooth sensitivity!

The first two outlets brought on heaps of nostalgia and to balance things out, we stepped into the contemporary Bodega Cantina Y Bar. This place is now almost 8 months old, and has already made its mark with its innovative food and cocktails. The signature cocktails like Bengali Mary, Dia De Los Muertos, and Tiramisu Martini are worth checking out whenever you’re here. When it comes to food, Fish Kataifi, LalMaas Tacos and Pickled Chilli Prawns are must-tries.

We tried the Frozen Margarita here and while with my experience I have seen that a lot of tooth sensitivity sufferers take far longer to enjoy a frozen drink, however the tooth sensitivity sufferers did not only enjoy but finished their drinks at the same time as us!

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk Bodega

Frozen Margarita

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 17

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 18

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 19

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 20

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 21

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 22

Sensodyne kolkata foodwalk 23

It was evening before we knew it and so we had to call it a day; and what a day it had been – Kolkata’s legendary food enjoyed with food lovers and fellow bloggers. Whyaren’t all Mondays like this?!

We also got featured in a video recapping our wonderful experience.

You can watch it here – . Let me know if you could see me.

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