Dalgona Coffee – the current rage around the world

These are not happy times for the entire world yet a small word like Dalgona is bringing the world together. What is dalgona coffee? There are two views which are moving around. According to some, Dalgona coffee first appeared on Korean TV Show called Pyunstorang where Jyong II – Woo visited Macau and tried this Coffee. He renamed it as Dalgona as a traditional Korean Sponge Candy looked similar.

Dalgona is the name of the Spongy toffee candy from South Korea. The Hashtag #dalgonacoffeechallenge has now more than 4 million views in youtube and it’s ever increasing. What’s the reason for this rage? Why everyone wants to make Dalgona Coffee? Yes, the trend started in popular Social Media Channel TikTok and #dalgonacoffee gathered more than 10 million views 

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I want to make my Dalgona Coffee too – 

While I am still trying to figure out why this rage all about, Madhushree and I gave in. The entire trend started by the mid of March and by that time, the entire world was locked down due to a pandemic called Covid 19. Travel and tourism business, perhaps suffered the most in the beginning. Slowly, the other industries faced the brunt of the economic slowdown due to lockdowns and quarantines. Dalgona Coffee is essentially, three ingredients and a bit of creativity. It is cold coffee packaged differently and tastes creamier qithout the use of ice cream.

People find joy in little things nowadays, which is great. It’s actually 4 ingredients – water, milk, sugar and instant coffee. Did you frown since its Instant coffee? Then perhaps, the remaining part of this blogpost is not for you. Neither we will share our glass with you. However, it’s assumed that most pantry will have jars/ packets/pouches of Nescafe and then this is where things will get interesting for you for these lock down times.

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Dalgona Coffee or reverse Dalgona Coffee always used to be made at home. 

Dalgona Coffee is being called names now. Some call it whipped coffee. More call Dalgona Coffee phenti hui coffee. A friend remembers her hostel days when she used to make a coffee like this. People of our age remember how coffee used to get made at home. I can share a small story here. There was a railway canteen in Howrah Station, near ticket counter, which served Espresso Coffee from a Coffee vending machine. The old ones with a protuding stem, which will whip and hiss the foam on the final serve. Baba was a fan of this coffee. In winters, Nescafe Pouches used to come home for Coffee dosage. Baba taught me making this and he personally loved whipping the coffee with milk and some sugar and milk. We even went ahead and bought a hand frother, which used to run on battery for making espresso coffee.

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The glass needs to get filled with ice and then milk

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Dalgona Coffee may not get the brownies from the purists

Yes, Cold Brew is a part of coffee making process. Unlike the classical ones, Dalgona coffee doesn’t have a pedigree. I guess, till such time we continue making it with Instant coffee, it won’t.

Dalgona is a spongy candy that is popular in South Korea. Dalgona Coffee exploded on Tik Tok as a delightfully creamy sweet coffee treat that apparently tastes similar to the candy. Cold blended coffee beverages aren’t new — iced cold brew, Greek freddos, Japanese ice coffee, Vietnamese caphe sua da and chilled lattes have been around for ages. But there’s something magic when instant coffee, sugar and hot, hot water foam up meringue-like under a whisk or egg beater. That’s Dalgona coffee for you — a delicious antidote to #lockout blues that you can quickly whip up in your kitchen as Arka Chaudhuri who owns KustomCoffee an award winning coffee micro roastery based in Fairfax Virginia, confirms 

Foamy cold coffee drinks have been made since very early and Greek Freddo Japanese Ice Coffee has already been very popular. The same stand true for Vietnamese ice coffee( Caphe Sua da) though its made from brewed coffee. 

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Here is a small video on youtube on how to make Dalgona Coffee 

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Dalgona Coffee

Madhushree Basu Roy
Whipped up creamy cold coffee which is a current internet sensation
Cook Time 15 minutes
Course Beverages
Cuisine Global
Servings 4 people


  • Electric hand beater


  • 4 tsp instant coffee powder
  • 4 tsp sugar you can add more if you want it sweeter
  • 4 tsp water little extra while whipping
  • ice cubes
  • 2 glasses milk


  • In a mixing bowl, take coffee powder, sugar and water. Use an electric hand blender/ beater and start whipping.
  • As you continue whipping, you will notice the sugar melting and changing colour. Add little more water if required for whipping. Not too much then it will not whip.
  • Continue whipping till it has become creamy and soft peaks can be formed.
  • Fill the glasses half way through with ice cubes. Top the ice cubes with milk.
  • Finally add the coffee cream on top and serve.


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