Winter is the season for cauliflowers and the ones that you get now are so flavourful. You can add cauliflower to anything and it will elevate the taste. We Bengalis love cauliflower and it becomes an everyday vegetable for us all through winter. Here’s a list of 7 cauliflower recipes to try before you die. 

Phulkopir Roast

This is our most loved cauliflower recipe. It’s rich, almost indulgent and makes for a great celebratory meal along with luchi, porota or basanti polao. phulkopir roast



Phulkopir Cutlet

This is an evening snack, not a very popular one but this is quite a party appetiser. It is made with small cauliflower florets and potatoes shaped in the form of a cutlet and then crumb-coated and deep-fried. 

A stunning food photograph can turn a meal into a work of art. Behance

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Doodh Kopi

Simply translated as milk cauliflower and like the name, cauliflower is simmered and cooked in milk, ginger paste and garam masala. As simple as that and you can enhance it with cashew paste too. 

shada fulkopir torkari bengali cuisine


Pan-roasted Cauliflower Soup

This dairy-free, gluten-free creamy cauliflower soup is seriously delicious with minimal ingredients and effortless cooking. Top it with toasted almonds to give it that extra oomph. 

Phulkopi Diye Chingri Mach

Tiger prawns and cauliflower go hand in hand in this beautiful and simple cumin-flavoured recipe that is perfect for a Sunday winter afternoon. 

fulkopi diye chingri mach - 6

Phulkopi Diye Macher Jhol

There isn’t anything better than this simple fish curry with cauliflower and potatoes. It can simply make you forget about mangshor jhol on a winter afternoon. Large florets of cauliflower along with half-moon-shaped potatoes leave you fully satiated. 

phulkopi diye macher jhol

Dhonepata Bata Diye Phulkopi

This finger-licking recipe has cauliflower florets cooked with a paste of coriander and mint leaves, capsicum and green chillies. Can you imagine the flavour explosion?

Cauliflower with mint an coriander leaves

Cauliflower / Gobi Hara Bahara is ready


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